Chicken and Chips!

Chicken and Chips!

Who doesn’t like chicken and chips huh? I have LOVED chicken nuggets and chips from the golden arches since way back when, I’m still partial to having the odd nugget every now and then if the opportunity arises!

Now obviously, everyone knows that having chicken nuggets and chips isn’t the healthiest of options, especially if it’s from the golden arches! BUT, what if I told you, I’d come up with a recipe which comes together in less than an hour and tastes even better? BONUS, you know exactly what’s in it so you don’t need to feel guilty! I’ve even added a little extra protein with the addition of some Greek yogurt.

So this isn’t a traditional flour, egg and breadcrumb coating kinda crispy chicken recipe, neither is it deep fried so it’s so much healthier than your normal popcorn chicken from the Colonel.

You can use the base recipe to make chicken escalopes for burgers or chicken tenders depending on how you slice up your chicken. If you want that extra crunchy chicken however, popcorn chicken is definitely the way to go!

I often have the pre-cooked potatoes ready and waiting in the freezer for when we want them, all you need to do is wait for them to cool down and place in a freezer bag with a few sprays of your favourite spray oil. I often do this when I have a few potatoes left at the end of a week to use them up, this means I have my own ‘oven chips’ ready to go from frozen when I want them. They take a little longer to cook from frozen so do allow an extra 10 mins cooking for them if you choose to prep ahead!

I hope you enjoy this chicken recipe as much as EmJay and I do!

Find the full recipe here. 


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