Meal Prepping – Part 4

Meal Prepping – Part 4

So I’ve been a little quiet as we went away to the Dominican Republic for a week. EmJay even treated us to the luxury of flying Business Class with BA, more about that on another post which is coming later this week.

Being mindful of what I eat is something that Daniel talks about all the time, one way to make sure I really understand what I’m eating (and how much) is to track it on an app (MyFitnessPal). Before I discovered tracking, I’d guestimate how much food I was eating, oh boy did I get it wrong! *face palm!* Actually getting a scale out and physically measuring everything I eat has really helped me making progress with my health and fitness journey in the last few months.  It may seem tedious (and it sometimes is VERY tedious for those who sit and eat with you!), but it really does open your eyes to what a regular portion is.  Give it a try the next time you buy a package which says ‘4 servings’ or ‘per 200g serving’, I can almost guarantee you are having too big a portion, I know I was all these years!

Before we went away, I did a batch of meat and fish marinating as I knew we’d have to come back and go straight back into our busy lives at work. 1 of the things I love to marinate in a huge batch is lamb mince. We usually buy the mince in packs of 3 as it’s always on offer. Now there’s 2 of us that live at our house, so buying more than 1kg of lamb mince seems a little excessive you may say, but actually, this then sets us both up for at least 4 different meals in the coming weeks.

Marinated mince can be used to make all manner of dishes,  burgers, seekh kebabs or koftas come to mind. Another option is my super quick kofta curry if you’ve already made my onion tomato masala (recipe here).

This week, as we needed something quick and easy, I took out the mince the night before and when I got home, heated up a pan and then flash fried for a super quick meal. I served it piping hot with toasted pitta bread and a fresh crunchy salad. Sometimes we even have a dollop of hummus and some grilled halloumi cheese with it, it’s such a quick and easy weeknight meal whenever you fancy it.

I usually use minced lamb as we don’t eat beef at home, but this recipe can easily be used with beef, turkey and even pork mince. A little tip before you freeze, make some indentations in the meat while it’s flat in the bag you are storing in, this way, you can break off chunks easily if you only want to make 1 or two portions without having to defrost the whole lot!

I hope it’ll make your life a little easier getting this mince ready to cook and in your freezer… It certainly helps us to get meals on the table super quickly! You can find the recipe here.







*Disclaimer – Please be advised, I have made slow and steady changes to my diet and lifestyle under professional supervision, these posts are based on my personal experience and are in no way advising the reader to change their lifestyle without seeking advise from a Doctor or other trained professional.




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