Souvlaki Souvlaki!

Souvlaki Souvlaki!

Since I can remember, I’ve been a huge fan of Greek Souvlaki. Tender meat in lemony juices with a hint of garlic. It was always one of my go to’s when I went to a Greek or Turkish restaurant. It’s usually served with rice, picked vegetables and flat bread/pitta bread.

EmJay and myself are always indulging in spicy Indian food, usually packed with lots of different ingredients. We often think that a dish with only a few ingredients will taste bland for our taste buds, which is sometimes the case BUT whenever we’ve eaten Souvlaki we’ve always wondered how that fresh flavour is achieved with so few ingedients.

After a little research on the web I came across My Greek Dish, this site has so many great Greek dishes and the Souvlaki one I tried worked out really nicely the first time I made it but I wanted to add a bit more of a punch to my Souvlaki so did a little experimenting with the quantities of ingredients until I came up with my own version of chicken Souvlaki.

Now, in ordinary circumstances, I would have grilled the chicken on skewers but as I was preparing the chicken and freezing half of it, I decided to stick to pieces so it would store easier.

This would be a great dish to cook on a medium heat BBQ too if it’s still sunny where you are!

Be warned, the dish contains a lot of garlic, so make sure you’re family likes it! Find my recipe here.

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