About Me

Priya JoshiHi there, I’m Priya, a food loving, Disney obsessed HR systems specialist by day and blogger and traveller the rest of the time. 

I was born and raised in Preston, and I’m now based in London with my hubby EmJay. We both love to travel, and we do as much as we can around the world. So far, we’ve visited, Dubai, South Africa, the USA, the Caribbean, Mauritius and India together. We’ve also got lots of trips in the pipeline including Hong Kong, the Philippines, Canada and Japan. 

My passion for food and cooking came from my mum, she’s the best cook! She’s constantly coming up with unique twists on Gujarati favourites. She’s one of the only vegetarians I know who can make chicken and fish dishes without tasting them, and they always taste delicious! 

I love experiencing new ingredients and cuisines I’ve never tried before and that take me out of my comfort zone. EmJay and I love going to supper clubs and events and I love to share our experiences.  I love to use seasonal British produce when it’s at it’s finest, and am constantly trying to have a good balance of healthy, nutritious food alongside a few treats every now and again. 

JoshiCooks was born in 2017 after I realised all I had was a notebook which was falling apart with my hand written recipes in it, I knew these needed documenting somewhere and so I decided to write a blog so these could be shared with you all. 

I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and take some inspiration by recreating my recipes with your own little twist!