Priya’s Pro-Yo!

Priya’s Pro-Yo!

Serves: 5 servings
Time: 5 minutes using and electric hand whisk or standmixer, 10 minutes with elbow grease

1kg (1000g) Fat Free Greek Yogurt (I use Fage 0%)
10 level scoops – Unflavoured whey protein
Flavourings/Sweetners of your choice (I tend to use Raspberry flavour Liquiflav)


  • Put all your ingredients into a big mixing bowl or the bowl of your stand mixer and whisk (manually or by machine) until light and fluffy, split up into 5 portions and enjoy for breakfast/lunch or as a high protein snack at any point!


  1. Depending on your goals, you can adjust this recipe. Just make sure you have at least 100g yogurt to half a scoop of unflavoured whey, this will create a fluffy mixture, similar to a mousse in texture
  2. I have tried this with flavoured whey and this does significantly change the texture of the yogurt to be more claggy and not nice to eat so I’d avoid this (unless that’s what you like!)
  3. I also freeze this mixture once it’s ready and it makes a delicious high protein frozen yogurt!

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