Virgin Atlantic Upper Class (Review)

VS0400: LHR-DXB Upper Class Review

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class is a product we’ve always wanted to try, if you’ve never seen it, you can check the specific details on their website here. When we got the opportunity on flight VS-0400 from London Heathrow to Dubai; we were excited to experience it.

As we were flying from London Heathrow, we were invited to use the Upper Class Wing entrance. The taxi took us straight there and it was like having our own entrance to the airport! We’d never had such a personal service while travelling, we were the only people at the check in desk and EmJay’s mum and dad took a seat on the comfy sofas which we sorted out all the paperwork and made our way through the airport.

Upper Class Wing Entrance
Upper Class Wing Entrance
Upper Class Wing Entrance Heathrow
Upper Class Wing Entrance Heathrow

We walked through our own little security line and then through the duty free shopping area and headed straight to the Virgin Clubhouse lounge. We got to the airport relatively early as we knew we wanted to do a little shopping and enjoy the facilities available in the lounge.

It’s one of the nicest airport lounges myself or EmJay has seen to date. We were greeted and seated by the lovely staff and then went for a wander. They had a spa, hair salon, restaurant, bar and deli counter. Check out Mickey and Minnie having a little snoop around the lounge too!

We’d read about some of treatments on offer at the spa so I decided to go for it and book something in. Both EmJays parents and myself had haircuts, I also included a conditioning treatment with mine as a little pre holiday treat. There were a few different complimentary treatments too, including a neck tidy or a blow dry and even a 15 minute back neck and shoulder massage.

Haircut and treatment time

While we were being pampered, EmJay was sampling the champagne and food the lounge had to offer. They have table service in most areas of the lounge which is a lovely touch. He ordered drinks and settled in for a couple of hours.

There was a full sit down service menu as well as a deli counter which had a range of salads, charcuterie, smoked salmon and cheeses as well as bread and fruit. The counter was manned and requested whatever took your fancy and the kind staff were happy to plate up for you. My favourite was a roasted carrot salad which I ate with some turkey slices.

EmJay and myself ordered some gyoza and chips to nibble on along side our deli counter snacks too. His parents went into the sit down restaurant area and ordered dinner to eat preflight. There were options for everyone and they got an Indian vegetarian thali to share. I think his dad liked it don’t you?

Vegetarian Thali

Once it was time to board we walked to our gate with plenty of time and were the first onboard the Airbus 330-300. The seats were comfortable and there was plenty of storage. Cabin crew walked through and offered pre departure champagne, water or orange juice. I requested a glass of champagne.

As is was a night flight, we were given pyjamas, so we both changed and settled in. EmJay’s parents took the opportunity to sleep once we were onboard. The cabin crew came round and converted the seats to beds and laid out a sheet as well as pillow and duvet, it was super cosy!

upper class bed

Before we went to bed though, we ordered our breakfast and ate our on flight dinner. It was lovely as we got to sit together and eat which we’ve not done on a flight before. The food was really tasty and we enjoyed it with a glass of wine.

We were woken by the cabin crew about 90 minutes from landing to have breakfast, I’d ordered porridge alongside chicken sausage, scrambled egg and a toasted muffin. It was nice, but not something I’d be singing from the rooftops about. We enjoyed the coffee and then got ready to start our holidays.

The way home was a very similar experience but felt much better as we were travelling during the day.

We had a full lunch service followed by afternoon tea. I got the soup followed by the chicken salad, I then had cheeses from the trolley instead of having a dessert, it was most definitely the right choice! I love cheese and being able to choose my favourites from the trolley was a really nice touch. Then I got the tart as a snack with my afternoon tea instead of sandwiches. I was a little sad that we didn’t get the full Eric Lanlard experience but I believe this is for flights out of Heathrow rather than coming back.

Overall, we really enjoyed flying Virgin Atlantic upper class, we would definitely do it again given the opportunity.

Have you ever flown Virgin Atlantic Upper class? Let me know what you thoughts in the comments below.

Since we flew, this route has now ceased operating.

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  1. November 1, 2018 / 6:39 pm

    Wow what a set up only Richard Branson can provide most impressed
    Thank you for an insight👍☺️

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