The Perfect Keema Curry

The Perfect Keema Curry

So 1st – 7th September is National Lamb Week in Britain. To me it’s a great excuse to make lots of dishes with the only red meat I would eat until about 2 years ago. Lamb is one of my favourites, it’s so versatile and can be used for anything from curry to stews, British lamb has the best flavour in my opinion and a good Lancashire hot pot is something I long to perfect a recipe for in the coming weeks as the wi.

My mum makes the best lamb curries, and no matter how many trials I do, mine will never taste like hers do. One thing I have perfected though, is the perfect keema curry. Made from minced lamb, with the addition of vegetables and boiled eggs (if you fancy!). It’s a staple in our house, we have it for dinner every fortnight.

I often make this in big batches so I always have it ready for a quick weeknight meal. Once it’s ready, I use it for an array of dishes, sometimes I’ll make a spiced shepherds pie by topping it with mash potato and baking for 20 minutes or I’ll bake some potatoes and hollow them out to mix the filling with the mince, then I top with cheese and grill for a bubbly baked potato with a difference.

The possibilities are endless with this keema recipe, an Indian spiced lasagne or spaghetti bolognese would be delicious too! I do hope you enjoy this recipe and do let me know what you make with your keema! You can find the recipe here.



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