Diwali – Festival of Lights

Diwali – Festival of Lights

So this week we celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights which is then followed by Hindu new year. When I was younger I used to love this time of year. The main reason because, we got to take a day off school to dress up and spend the day playing with friends at the Temple while our parents socialised and wished everyone a Happy New Year.

I’m sure you would find 1000’s of different stories; I used to love hearing the many interpretations of the story every year with my childhood friends. The most basic story I was taught while studying at Gujarati school was that Lord Rama won a battle against the evil Ravana and rescues Princess Sita whom Ravana had kidnapped, with the help of his brother Laxshman and Lord Hanuman, on their return to the village, they were led home by Diwa’s (or candles) from the forest all the way home and were greeted with a big celebration.

Hindu festivals means there’s going to be food (YAY!). Diwali and New Year are the biggest days in the Hindu calendar, so just as many people start preparing for Christmas in the weeks (and months) ahead of the holidays, many Hindus across the globe will start their Diwali food prep a couple of weeks ahead of the festival. They like to be ready in preparation of the many visitors that will come over throughout the festive period (and often beyond that).

Last year, we were fresh into our new house so I hadn’t quite settled and got everything ready by the time Diwali came round. This year, I’ve done a selection of bits. Infact, I did so many different options I even put together some little Diwali packs for my family and posted them out 🙂

I’ve done:
Airfryed Methi Puri (Indian savoury crackers infusd with fenugreek leaves)
Chocolate Barfi (A nutmeg and cardamom spiced milk powder fudge topped with chocolate)
Mawa Penda (Caramelised condensed milk and milk powder fudge infused with almonds)
White chocolate fudge
Shortbread oat biscuists
And last but not least, a not so traditional but equally delicious banana & nutella cake (recipe for that one here)


Today I wanted to share one of the easiest recipes I’ve made this Diwali and also one of the most popular sweets at our house, chocolate barfi (EmJay loves a good chocolate barfi!). I based the recipe on what my mum usually does, although her method is a little more laborious than mine, she heats up the mixture on a stove and stirs continuously for a long long time! Mine uses a little shortcut, and why not I say? I use condensed milk in the recipe which gives it the perfect sweetness without having to add any more sugar.

These make a delicious snack at any time of the day, we usually have them alongside a nice cup of masala tea!

I hope you enjoy the recipe as much as my family and I do, you can make your own chocolate barfi using this method here.

This recipe was also published on the Roots and Leisure website here.

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