Meal Prepping – Part 3

Meal Prepping – Part 3

So as you know by now, I love getting prepared for the week ahead by pre-making different parts of my meals to make my life easier when I get home from work during the week.

Chicken is our go to protein of choice, we usually have around 6 chicken breasts delivered a week, often we’ll make lots of different things. Ranging from chicken curry with my onion tomato masala (recipe here) or some awesome popcorn chicken and chips if we’re in the mood (that’s a great recipe, you can find it here).

One thing I always like to prepare if we end up having extra chicken or fancy a quick snack is Mexican style chicken. Fajita seasonings always add so much flavour to chicken. As we prefer the breast piece which has a tendency for being dry. I’ve overcome this problems with two things:

  1. Browning off the chicken on a high heat to start the cooking and then turning the heat down
  2. Adding my veges to the chicken after I’ve started cooking it. (I always used to do veges first as it’s what I was taught to do!)

This Mexican style chicken cooks up in less than 30 minutes without the addition of the beans and rice, so it’s perfect for a quick lunch or dinner when served with tortillas and salad. It also makes for a great burrito filling once you’ve added the beans and rice and given it a bake through in the oven, I usually wrap up burrito fillings in individual portions so I can make a quick burrito with a fresh wrap for EmJay to take to work in a rush; but also for a quick dinner when I get home from the gym.

This one is super easy and really flavourful to make sure you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself of something yummy while eating healthy. It would just as easily work meat free using quorn or even with some firm white fish fillets.

You can find the recipe here.

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*Disclaimer – Please be advised, I have made slow and steady changes to my diet and lifestyle under professional supervision, these posts are based on my personal experience and are in no way advising the reader to change their lifestyle without seeking advise from a Doctor or other trained professional.

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