I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the year! Christmas is next week people! How are you all getting on with your present shopping? I’m one of those anal people who starts thinking about her Christmas shopping in September, just because that way I can spread the cost…

Every year at Christmas, we almost always have a double celebration, it’s EmJay’s birthday on Christmas Eve, so no matter what’s going on, we’ll always do a little something if he’s not rostered to work. This year, we’ve gotten super lucky, he’s OFF! This rarely happens, so we’ve been planning on hosting a Christmas Eve birthday party for friends and family for a while now.

We’ve got a total of 15 people coming over, that’s more than we’ve ever had at our place so far (eeks!). So, like any sane human, I’ve delegated a little of the cooking, and by delegated, I mean I luckily have family that are helping!

In typical Indian style, the night before Christmas, we’re having a curry night! So we’ll have lots of finger food throughout the day followed by samosas, spring rolls, some chilli paneer which are being homemade by my mum, as well as lots of other bits and pieces.

For main courses, my sister in law makes the best lamb curry so we’ve got her coming over to make that for us, my mother in law is making the vegetarian option of chick pea curry (chana masala) and finally, I’m making a chicken saag.

I first made saag with my mum while I was young, in Gujarati we call it bhaji.  It’s literal translation is ‘spinach’ and saag refers to a way it’s traditionally eaten in Punjabi homes. Loaded with ghee to make it super rich and creamy. I cooked my version in my Instant Pot and EmJay loved it so much he’s requested it as one of the dishes on his birthday. Who am I to say no huh?

You can make this vegetarian by using paneer or even vegan using some tofu and omitting the butter. It’s got a huge long list of ingredients, but please don’t be daunted. The method is simple and the flavour is absolutely amazing! I really hope you enjoy it as much as we do… You can find the recipe here.




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