EmJay and myself had a super busy weekend this week just gone. Part of that involved our usual monthly (more like bi/tri-monthly) check of the cupboards to make sure we start to use things which are close to their use by date. This gives us a chance to plan the weeks meals with the bits and pieces we know we need to use up in the coming weeks.

This week EmJay took out a large packet of digestives which has a use by date of next month. We don’t really eat biscuits on a regular basis, and generally only buy them for when our parents are coming to visit (they like a cup of tea and biscuits!). So when I saw them and 2 big bars of chocolate that needed using up I immediately thought rocky road.

I haven’t made a good rocky road in a while and I HATE with a passion dried fruit and glacier cherries so I knew I wouldn’t add any of these but this is a brilliant super simple recipe to use up those excess biscuits and chocolate you make have lying around. It would probably also be a great one to make with kids, lots of breaking biscuits up and melted chocolate mixing is always a hit with my niece and nephew!

I had some mini marshmallows and some little snickers bites to use up too so it was the perfect mix of sweet, salty, chewy and chocolatey. I hope you try it and love it as much as my colleagues at work did!

You can find the recipe here.


Hijacked By Twins


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