Month: September 2017

Meal Prepping Part 2

Part 2 of my meal prepping takes me on to lunches. If you didn’t catch part 1 and why I wanted to write about meal prepping you can find that here. The last few weeks, as previously mentioned, I’ve been trying to… Read More

Memories of Panera…

When EmJay and I took our first trip abroad together (which also happened to be the trip we got engaged on!), we went to New York. It’s one of my favourite cities in the world, there’s nothing quite like it in my… Read More

Oriental Cooking…

EmJay and I love oriental food, the only problem I have is an allergy to shellfish so we are really cautious on going out to eat as you just never know what may be used in restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, we… Read More

Meal Prepping Part 1

One thing my friends and colleagues find super fascinating is that I spend my Sundays meal prepping. Since March 2014 after I got married, I’ve been training with a personal trainer (You can take a look at his site here). One thing… Read More

The Perfect Keema Curry

So 1st – 7th September is National Lamb Week in Britain. To me it’s a great excuse to make lots of dishes with the only red meat I would eat until about 2 years ago. Lamb is one of my favourites, it’s… Read More

Michelin Indian food in London

One thing I’ve wanted to do since I moved down to London is to make my way through the Michelin star restaurants that are in and around the city. It’s a tough one as you don’t want to be going to eat… Read More