I wasn’t planning on another post this week but absolutely had to tell you guys what I made yesterday.

So, if you’ve made my onion tomato masala already (recipe here) then you’ve now got a liquid gold potion to create loads of different meals.

This week EmJay is on earlies and having to leave for work around 4.30am every morning which means that we need something quick and easy for dinner. In came chicken curry and vegetable rice.

I usually have at least 1 batch of frozen chicken which is already marinated so I’m good to go with a weeknight meal alongside my masala. I was so pleased with how little effort it took to put this meal together after a busy day at work, it came together in 30 minutes flat!

I love the fact that I can put everything into my Instant Pot from frozen and then have a meal ready in no time at all with little to no effort with a little meal prep action.

We really enjoyed this dinner and I hope you will enjoy it too!

You can find the recipe here.

2 Comments on “Easy Weeknight Curry & Rice

  1. Hi Priya- now that I have a freezer full of your onion tomato masala base I would like to do a fish version of your week night curry – could you advise me on spices and timings please?


    • Hi Maire, I have a lovely salmon curry recipe which I’m finalising tomorrow so will post it then, it also works great with white fish and prawns 🙂


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