Month: August 2017

Souvlaki Souvlaki!

Since I can remember, I’ve been a huge fan of Greek Souvlaki. Tender meat in lemony juices with a hint of garlic. It was always one of my go to’s when I went to a Greek or Turkish restaurant. It’s usually served… Read More

Cheese and cake?

I didn’t try a proper cheesecake until I was about 18 years old (Yeah, I know!), only because I thought the concept of it was super weird, cheese this salty savoury yummy food being mixed with sugar and sweet stuff? What is… Read More

Chicken and Chips!

Who doesn’t like chicken and chips huh? I have LOVED chicken nuggets and chips from the golden arches since way back when, I’m still partial to having the odd nugget every now and then if the opportunity arises! Now obviously, everyone knows… Read More

Bringing out the Italian food…

On the street where I grew up, we had an Italian family who lived opposite us, Anna and Tony would always invite us over and I would love the smells that would come from across the street on a regular basis. As… Read More

Easy Weeknight Curry & Rice

I wasn’t planning on another post this week but absolutely had to tell you guys what I made yesterday. So, if you’ve made my onion tomato masala already (recipe here) then you’ve now got a liquid gold potion to create loads of… Read More

Chicken Shawarma

So, after the success of the doner kebab, I got to thinking, could I recreate the famous chicken shawarma that you usually get in takeaways? Now usually they are packed full of any part of the chicken, including the skin and an… Read More

Raksha Bandhan

So today marks quite a special day in Hindu culture, Raksha Bandhan. It’s a day to celebrate siblings. Sisters tie a sacred thread on their brothers right hand wrist to wish them health, wealth and happiness in their live. The brothers repay… Read More

Sunday Roast

EmJay and I first dined at Tredwells earlier in the year for dinner with the A La Carte menu; having seen Marcus Wareing on Professional Masterchef, and following the Chef Patron of Tredwells, Chantelle Nicholson on Instagram for some time, I’d been… Read More