When we first moved into our home on our own, one of the first things I wanted to buy was an Instant Pot pressure cooker, I’d read so much about it and some of my friends already had one so I already knew it would be a good investment.

I’d always been scared of the pressure cooker when I was younger as it was noisy and quite often my mum would burn herself!

The Instant Pot is completely different to that, you barely know it’s there when it’s on until it beeps to let you know your food is done, even then it’ll carry on keeping it warm until you’re ready to eat so you don’t need to be by it’s side.

The one thing I really wanted to come up with when I got the Instant Pot is a way to make the onion masala that always takes AGES on the stove. I went through loads of different recipes before settling with this one which is the perfect consistency and flavour. The recipe makes a good 6 portions of 250g masala. This 250g will easily cover a curry for 2 with leftovers, so in essence, it’s 24 portions of curry from 1 pot of onions and tomatoes!

Once you have this in the freezer, you’ll be spoilt for choice on making all kinds of curry whether on a weeknight or the weekend!

You can find the recipe here.


P.S There’s already 1 recipe for this up, my Lamb Kofta curry with Vegetable Pulao can be found here, and I’ll post more uses for this yummy masala in the coming weeks!

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